The Library

There are two types of story here in the Library. There are short stories, which are free and appear on the website on a semi-regular basis, and there are member stories, which are password-protected stories for Ko-Fi Book Club members only.

The Book Club tier is available on Ko-Fi for $5 per month, which not only nets you a bunch of fun digital perks, but access to monthly chapters of two stories that I’m currently writing. These stories are considerably longer than the short stories are, and I also have intentions of publishing them one day as well. Should I publish, founding Book Club members will receive something special in appreciation (trust me, I appreciate the hell out of you already!)

The Book Club stories are White Raven and A Duel of Roses. Both of these are technically part of their own individual series, of which there will be multiple books. Here’s a special peek at their prologues. If you wish to become a member and begin your journey through these stories, I’d love to have you! If not, please do enjoy the short stories from the past, as well as what’s coming in the future!

White Raven


We don’t always know what we want though we believe we do. We want success, wealth, love, family, power, freedom, or even all of them at once. At our best of times, we tell ourselves that we know who we are, what we want, and what we would do to get it.
But it is often during our trials that we discover who we really are, and it is during our biggest tribulations that we find exactly what – or even who – we had been unknowingly searching for.

A Duel of Roses


The wind swirled around them violently and Dileania fixed an icy stare on Eleana, receiving the same in return as her hands clenched around the hilt of her katana. Eleana held her bow, arrow fixed and ready to fire at the first hint of movement. The air was thick with moisture, a mix of hot and cold whipping against her face and Dileania stepped forward once, the arrow immediately soaring toward her in response. She quickly deflected it with the blade of the katana, a pang of metal joining the roar of wind as she watched Eleana easily ready another. She gritted her teeth and called out impatiently over the noise, “It’s no use, Eleana!” Eleana shook her head, the fire-red braid of her hair chaotically blowing around as she called back defiantly, “There’s always use, Dileania!”

Dileania took another step forward and again found herself deflecting another arrow. She brushed some loose, silver hair from her face and kept her eyes steady on Eleana who was readying another arrow. “What happens when I get close enough to render that bow useless?” She yelled, taking another step. Another loosed arrow, another pang of metal ringing out. Eleana scowled and threw down the bow, reaching down to her hips and unsheathing a pair of daggers. “Then I guess we will have to bring our quarrel to closer quarters, “ she snarled as she took a step toward Dileania. The wind was growing more intense, almost enough to knock them off-balance. Dileania steadied her breathing and relaxed her grip, remembering her lessons. She could feel the rise of her stomach at the thought of fighting Eleana and potentially killing her. Weeks ago she would have done so with neither any question nor qualm, but things had changed so drastically, and her mind wandered to Theo briefly before trying one last thing. “Sister…can we not speak first?”

Eleana tilted her head, her face taking on an expression of disbelief. “Are you suggesting diplomacy? Theo wasn’t lying; you have changed.” Dileania swallowed hard with the realization that her sister was lost and firmed her grip on the hilt. “Words cannot fix what you’ve done, Sister,” Eleana sneered, her tone malicious and mocking with the last word. “You will die today, Dileania.” Dileania shook her head and stepped toward Eleana as she responded, “I have too much to live for.” Eleana’s face was dangerous as she began to quickly advance toward Dileania, “And I have nothing to live for.”