Decades Challenge

The Bollinger Family

Welcome to my Sims 4 Decades Challenge page! Here you’ll find information about the family as well as the custom content I used for the challenge! The name Bollinger is actually a reference to the county in my home state where at least one line of my ancestors settled. I’m a family researcher, so I will likely throw in references from my own family tree’s history throughout this series! Speaking of the series, I am recording and uploading my gameplay to YouTube, and will also be sharing screenshots over on Tumblr as well as my Instagram! Links down below! Interested in starting your own Decades Challenge? Check out Cute Coffee Gal’s page for all the details!


🌻 Series Playlist (YouTube – on hiatus)
🌻 Fun highlights (Instagram)
🌻 Screenshots + Recaps (Tumblr)

Family Stats

Patriarch: John Bollinger
Matriarch: Mary Bollinger
Current Generation: 1

Family Tree

Custom Content

The bulk of custom content I use for this challenge comes from the wonderful History Lover’s Sims Blog! There is a great selection of period clothing and hair from that site, and I also used the Cottage Garden Stuff and Rustic Romance sets from The Plumbob Tea Society, another great source of custom content!

🌻 Phonograph: Sims 4 Updates
🌻 MC Command Center: Deaderpool
🌻 Church Set: Pandora’s Simbox


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